The Brands

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Tucker Poles by RHG (USA)

Tucker is the oldest brand in the industry. Many people think the Tucker Brush is the best. Shawn Gavin runs the place, and is a good guy to deal with. Washco buys a large percentage of these products. The Carbon Fiber line is about the most rigid of all poles tested. They have a more economical line called Tucker Eco aka EZ Pure line, as well.

Viper Water Fed Pole

Viper Poles by Pure Water Power (USA)

One of the newer pole brands in the market. Because they are new, they have to have something better. Very Good Value Products. All 45' (50' reach) poles and longer are Hi Mod Carbon Fiber, which means the material has the best strength with the least flex. Seasoned Professionals buy the hi-mod versions of the carbon fiber pole lines.

IPC Eagle

IPC Eagle (USA)

IPC is a billion dollar manufacturing company, specializing in Pure Water Window Cleaning Equipment for Professionals, among many other products. Washco Canada is now proud to be a distributor for IPC Eagle's line of products in Canada.

Gardiner Pole

Gardiner (UK)

A Long established UK brand. A lot of Window Washers in Canada I know swear by this brand. More than a couple videos say that these are the best poles in the world. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.


IPC Eagle HydroCarts

IPC Eagle HydroCarts

Washco now carries the IPC Eagle line of HydroCart Pure Water systems, HydroTubes, as well as their poles. From 12 Volt Battery Powered, to 110 Volt, to Gasoline Engine Powered Carts with enough water pressure to power 3 operators at the same time!

EZ Pure water fed pole

Eco, aka EZ Pure Water Fed Poles

Looking for an economical range of water-fed poles, but still want that RHG Quality found in the Tucker range? The Eco, aka EZ PURE poles are the next best thing.

Tucker Pole

Tucker Carbon Fiber by RHG Products

Features of the carbon fiber Tucker range

Viper Poles

Viper High Quality Waterfed Poles are manufactured by Pure Water Power; a company dedicated to producing top quality pure water systems and waterfed poles at a competitive price. Viper Waterfed Poles are available in sizes ranging from 18 ft. up to 65 ft. Constructed of the highest quality and performing hybrid, 100% Carbon Fiber, and 100% Hi-modulous (HiMod) Carbon Fiber materials. All poles are equipped with strong adjustable gooseneck and high quality, easy to change, Locking Clamp Mechanisms with aluminum levers .

Gardiner Poles

"Picking the right pole for your limitation of services your limitation of products your "system" and security of downtime. Gardner poles are very high quality" Downside to Gardiner Brand is if they are not in stock in North America, they may take more than a month to get into Canada. Call first to see if in stock.

How to choose a Pole?

Price, Material, Flexibility, Size...